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Former Marvel flagship writer Jason Aaron takes over DC's Action Comics

This will be the first time Jason Aaron writes Superman

Cropped cover of Action Comics
Image credit: DC Comics

DC has announced a new initiative centered around the Man of Steel. Superman Superstars will take place in the Action Comics series throughout 2024, with former Marvel flagship writer Jason Aaron as well as Dawn of DC architect (and current writer of the eponymous Superman series) Joshua Williamson each taking a turn on the title.

Jason Aaron will be joined by artist John Timms on a three issue story titled "I, Bizarro" running in Action Comics #1061-1063. About the storyline, Jason Aaron shared in a statement provided by DC Comics, "the amazing John Timms and I are doing our very best to give readers a Superman tale full of action and surprises, the most Bizarro of all Bizarro stories, in what Bizarro himself would call the worst Bizarro story ever told’!"

The news that Aaron - whose Marvel work has included extensive runs on Wolverine and the X-Men, Avengers, and a career-defining multi-title stint on Thor - will take over DC's original superhero title follows the announcement in August that he was returning to DC after more than a decade to write a Batman miniseries, titled Batman: Off-World.

In April, Aaron and Timms will hand the reins to Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval for a story that will cross over with Williamson's ongoing Superman series and fully bring Braniac back to the DCU after months of teases. About the return of the iconic villain, Williamson shared, "We’ve been building to Brainiac’s epic return since Superman #1 and the start of Dawn of DC... This crossover will have massive ramifications not just for Superman but across all of the DC Universe. Plus, it’s a fun roller coaster ride with Superman, Lex Luthor, Lobo, Supergirl, and the Super-Family up against Brainiac and a Czarnian army."

Take a look at some preview art for the upcoming Superman Superstars in the gallery below.

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