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DC expands G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara's Poison Ivy into an ongoing title

June's Poison Ivy #13 marks the change of the title from mini-series to regular monthly comic

Poison Ivy
Image credit: DC

What launched as a six-issue miniseries in June 2022 has now been extended for a second time, with the news that DC has made G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara’s fan-favorite series Poison Ivy into an ongoing series.

Initially limited to six issues, Wilson and Takara’s Poison Ivy launched as a new take on the classic Batman villain (and Harley Quinn love interest, although that was initially played down somewhat in the series) that saw the character try to heal the world by making sure that humanity wasn’t around to spoil it anymore. Across the first arc — to be released in hardcover collected from this May as Poison Ivy Vol. 1: The Virtuous Cycle — Ivy was taken to the very limits as her mission went further than she ever expected… to the delight of readers, who turned out in such numbers that DC has expanded the series to a 12-issue run.

With this June’s 13th issue, the book officially becomes an ongoing title in DC’s line-up, with Wilson, Takara, and cover artist Jessica Fong bringing Ivy back to Gotham City and back into Harley’s life — even if things will doubtlessly not go entirely to plan once the two are reunited. The issue will also feature variant covers from Kai Carpenter, Frank Cho, Mindy Lee, and a DC Pride variant from Claire Roe.

DC’s official description of the issue runs, “There sure is nothing quite like a romantic night with your sweetie in the swamp to make your mouth water. It’s the dawn of a new day as Pamela Isley makes her return to Harley and Gotham City with a lovestruck Janet-from-HR in tow. The tension’s so thick you could cut it with a fan boat’s propeller!”

Poison Ivy #13 will be released June 6. Take a look at Fong’s cover to the issue, as well as her cover to #12 alongside variants for that issue from Jenny Frisson, Xermanico, and Mateus Manhanini, below.

Revisit this preview of an earlier issue of the Poison Ivy run from last September.

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