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DC is teasing its big 2024 event, and it's a surprise "30 years in the making"

We don't know what "DC’s Major Event of 2024 FCBD Special Edition" actually is, but we're certainly curious.

Dawn of DC
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DC has announced plans for mainstream comics' biggest open-house of the year - of course, we're talking about Free Comic Book Day. Of the DC books planned, there's one where the lack of information only makes it more intriging - not even a title, creators, a cover, and only barely a sysnopsis - making it seem intentionally eye-catching.

Alongside Free Comic Book Day releases previewing upcoming graphic novels Barkham Asylum and Barda — and a third release for MAD Magazine (which is described by DC in part by saying “it is cheaper than the usual CHEAP! Because it is FREE,” which I adore), there’s an issue currently with the placeholder name “DC’s Major Event of 2024 FCBD Special Edition.” If that’s not enough to draw attention, the official description of the issue probably is.

“The prelude to the biggest DC comic book event of 2024 will drop on May 4 at all participating retailers,” it begins. “It’s a story 30 years in the making... and in this special Free Comic Book Day tale, an original story leading into a new series launching summer 2024, the final domino to fall—the final brick on the wall—in an epic scheme comes tumbling down, and the DC Universe will never be the same. More details coming soon! No spoilers here!”

Unpicking this description is simultaneously easy and… well, less than easy. The mention of a “final brick on the wall” and the mention of it being related to a big comic book event is almost certainly a sign that the story will be in some way related to the company’s Trinity of Evil storyline, which puts Amanda Waller in the spotlight — a character whose nickname is, of course, The Wall.

That said, “a story 30 years in the making” is a fascinating tease to drop. Back in 1994, the biggest DC events were the end of the ‘Reign of the Supermen’ storyline, Hal Jordan’s fall from grace in ‘Emerald Twilight,’ and Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, which saw the DC Universe rebooted from scratch for a second time in a decade. Could this new event be spinning out of one of those fan-favorite comics? Or could it be something far less obvious? 1994 was also a year that saw the launch of the acclaimed Starman series from James Robinson and Tony Harris, for example, as well as the debut of 'forgot' Justice League member Triumph. Could a more obscure comic hold the key?

Whatever the answer, it’s almost guaranteed that we’re not going to find out anytime soon. Free Comic Book Day 2024 isn’t until May 4, 2024. Until then, keep your eyes on Popverse as we continue to track down just what is going on as the Trinity of Evil spreads across the DCU…

You can find out more about Free Comic Book Day 2024, including releases from other publishers, here.