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Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller is leading DC's Trinity of Evil, and that means trouble for Batman, Superman and the good guys

DC's Trinity has been hard to match, in-store or across the industry, but coming soon, another group will try

Absolute Power: Ground Zero
Image credit: Dan Mora/DC

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They’ve been teased as an entity since November 2023, and now DC fans know why: the so-called Trinity of Evil — a loose group made up of former Suicide Squad boss Amanda Waller, Batman villain Zur-En-Arrh, and new Superman threat the Brainiac Queen — is at the heart of DC’s summer 2024 storyline, Absolute Power, where they’ll go up against Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the assembled DC Universe as a whole.

All things considered, it still might not be a fight that goes the way the heroes want.

Who is the Trinity of Evil?

Brainiac Queen
Image credit: DC

This part, at least, is easy to answer. The Trinity of Evil is:

  • Amanda Waller: You know who this is! The former boss of Task Force X (AKA, the Suicide Squad), and someone we’ve had our eye on for awhile as the biggest bad of the entire DC right now, even if she fully believes she’s in the right. She’s already used the 'Beast World' and the accidental transformation of DC heroes and villains into animals as an excuse to launch a campaign to rid Earth of all super-powered people, hero, villain, human, or animal… even if things didn’t exactly go her way at the time. However, she’s also been using some super-powered people for her own purposes, as has been seen in titles throughout the DC line including Green Arrow and Amazons Attack, with a brand new Suicide Squad title launching in March. What is her endgame? Keep reading…
  • Zur-En-Arrh: The wildly-colored Batman cosplayer that's actually a para-personality created by Bruce Wayne (or maybe an evil alien; who’s to say, really?) has been a big part of Chip Zdarsky's Batman run to date, especially now that he’s joined forces with Failsafe, the robotic anti-Batman that Bruce Wayne created to stop himself if he ever became compromised. What does Zur-En-Arrh want? Thankfully, nothing major: While Amanda Waller is out to eradicate all metahumans on Earth, Zur En Arrh has a more ambitious goal - to eradicate all crime.
  • The Brainiac Queen: Still the wild card of the group, we haven’t actually met the Brainiac Queen yet. Her debut was announced at last year’s New York Comic Con, but she won’t show up until the ‘House of Brainiac’ crossover between Superman and Action Comics that begins in April. That storyline promises to be a big one; in addition to the Man of Steel, Brainiac and the Brainiac Queen, it will also include appearances from Lobo, Green Lantern, and a whole host of Superman’s family of Kryptonians.
  • What are the Trinity of Evil up to?

    The three will come together for the Absolute Power event this summer, which will see Amanda Waller use the strategic know-how of Zur-En-Arrh and the technology of the Brainiac Queen to steal the superhuman powers from every single superpowered being in the DCU… but what happens after that? What will Waller do with those powers, and what will the people who had those powers previously? Well… only Mark Waid and Dan Mora know, and they’ll start to share that story in July. You can find out more about that story right here.

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