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A new Suicide Squad dream team is being recruited by Amanda Waller for a new 2024 comic

Who would be in an all-star Suicide Squad team? DC just asked Amanda Waller to decide

Now hiring: willing metahumans to help eradicate other metahumans around the world as part of an all-new Suicide Squad.

Action Comics #1060
Image credit: DC

That's the proverbial ad that's about to be ringing through the DCU, as Popverse can confirm that DC is bringing back Task Force X (AKA the Suicide Squad) beginning as early as next month, and culminating in a new series for the team in March 2024 called Suicide Squad: Dream Team.

Who's behind it? Why, perennial professional bad penny Amanda Waller, of course.

This new Suicide Squad recruitment drive will begin in December 5's Titans: Beast World Tour Metropolis #1 and December 12'sAction Comics #1060. Those issues, part of the larger Beast World event, will see Waller being put in charge of the US government's response to various superheroes and supervillains being forcibly transformed into monstrous animals. (That's why its called Beast World.)

As DC describes it however, Waller will be using that new-found power to recruit an all-new Task Force X to help eradicate metahumans - be they good, evil, animal or human.

The recently introduced Nia Nal (AKA Dreamer) will play some sort of "vital role" in Waller's recruitment drive, with DC pushing heavily what that role is to fans to imagine and speculate.

To help feed your imagination, here's a preview of December 12's Titans: Beast World Tour Metropolis #1:

The road to a new Task Force X begins in December 21's Titans: Beast World Tour Metropolis #1 and Action Comics #1060 and will culminate with March 2024's Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1.

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