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Batman and Gotham City rise up at San Diego Comic-Con in DC Comics panel

Popverse brings you live coverage from the DC's Gotham Panel

DC Gotham panel
Image credit: Graeme McMillan (Popverse)

It can’t be easy to live in the same city as the Dark Knight. With little notice, you could suddenly find yourself in danger of attack from killer clowns, psychotic quizmasters, or plant women with green skin. It’s easier (and safer) to just visit on a regular basis – a proposition made more attractive by this Friday afternoon San Diego Comic-Con panel.

With a line-up of creators scheduled to appear including Jock, Tini Howard, Sean Gordon Murphy, and incoming Detective Comics writer Ram V, the panel intends to take a look at the current state of the Batman universe both in mainstream canon and elsewhere. (Both Jock’s Batman: One Dark Knight and Murphy’s Batman: Beyond the White Knight hail from DC’s out of continuity Black Label imprint, after all.) Which is scarier: the criminal underworld threatening the citizens of Gotham, or the heroes sworn to keep everyone safe? Expect to find an answer here.

Popverse will be liveblogging the panel from start to finish, so bookmark this page for updates as they happen. Alternatively, come back when the panel is finished to read the whole thing at once.

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Graeme McMillan

Graeme McMillan: Popverse Editor Graeme McMillan (he/him) has been writing about comics, culture, and comics culture on the internet for close to two decades at this point, which is terrifying to admit. He completely understands if you have problems understanding his accent.


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