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Alan Scott wasn't always the Green Lantern; a DC Pride: Through the Years sneak peek

Check out two pages from the only original story in next week's DC Pride: Through the Years

Cropped panel featuring an old photo, a ring and a word balloon that reads "And I wasn't always the Green Lantern"
Image credit: DC Comics

Pride Month is the perfect time to look back at LGBTQIA+ history. And if you're a superhero fan, you're in luck because the upcoming collection DC Pride: Through the Years collects three landmark issues of LGBTQI+ history from DC Comics. The comic will collect The Flash #53 (where Pied Piper comes out to the Flash), Detective Comics #854 (the first issue of Batwoman's solo series), Supergirl #19 (which follows the story of Lee Serano, a nonbinary teen who becomes friends with Supergirl), and a brand new story starring Alan Scott, the Green Lantern.

This new six page Green Lantern story 'Past Prologue' (written by Tim Sheridan, with art from Cian Tormey, colors by Matt Herms and letters from Lucas Gattoni), features Alan Scott the Green Lantern and also sets the table for an upcoming series featuring Alan Scott this fall (also from Sheridan and Tormey). But if you can't wait until the fall, or even until next Tuesday when this comic comes out, we've got a sneak peek at two pages from 'Past Prologue' (alongside the introduction to the collection) for your perusal in the gallery below.

DC: Pride: Through the Years hits the comic shops on June 14, 2023.

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