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Sadly, we all must wait 4 more months than we thought for DC's Teen Titans: Starfire

The fifth book in DC's hit Teen Titans YA OGN series isn't coming until November.

Teen Titans: Starfire
Image credit: DC

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Sometimes, you got to have patience - even if you're Tamaranean.

That's the case for us fans of the Teen Titans OGN series by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo, as we have the unfortunate news to share that the next installment, Teen Titans: Starfire, is being delayed.

Teen Titans: Starfire
Image credit: DC

Originally announced this time last year for a July 2024 debut, DC has informed retailers that the book is being delayed until November 5, 2024. The delay is such that DC is cancelling any orders comic stores and bookstores had (including giants like Amazon!), with plans to take orders anew closer to the book's new release date.

Starfire is the fifth book in the Teen Titans series - but is something Garcia told Popverse that she'd been pitching since the entire series began. Here's how she described Starfire for us last year:

“The one thing I'll tease about Starfire that's really fun is it feels more like an origin story in the beginning because she doesn't know [the rest of the Titans]. She's not with them. And so, you get this kind of origin of, like all the books, how the character's powers are kind of surfacing. And then at the same time, there's kind of this other story on the side, which is exactly where [Teen Titans: Robin] leaves off.”

Teen Titans: Starfire now goes on sale November 5, 2024, and is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and anywhere you buy books.

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