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Most of the DCEU movies are now on Netflix (Sorry, Max)

Just eight more reasons not to renew that subscription.

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Subscribers to Max, the streaming service that hosts most of HBO’s back catalog, will have even fewer reasons to keep paying the subscription fee as most of the DCEU films landed on Netflix on December 1. From Man of Steel to The Suicide Squad, Netflix secured nearly all the DC characters just in time for a Christmas binge session.

There are some odd omissions from the line-up, which was announced on Netflix’s social media in November. The DCEU movies that came to Netflix in December 2023 are:

Films not included in the deal are:

We also note that the Peacemaker series hasn't made the jump to Netflix either.

We can understand not getting some of the newer movies from the DCEU like The Flash and Blue Beetle, both of which just finished their theatrical runs this year, but it seems strange that Netflix wouldn’t get Aquaman and Shazam! as part of the deal. Of course, it is odd that Warner Bros. would allow their films on Netflix at all when they have their own streaming service in Max. Disney, for example, doesn’t tend to allow the MCU movies or shows to wander away from Disney+ in the US, but we’ve become accustomed to Warner Bros. Discovery making questionable business decisions, especially when it comes to DC films.

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