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What's your favorite Deadpool scene? Deadpool 2 director Eric Leitch shares his "dope" favorite

Yes, it's the one you think is dope too

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Sometimes, you just have to take a moment to appreciate your own work - especially if it's a tricky bit. That very subject came up during the Collider Directors on Directors panel at WonderCon 2024, when Jurrassic World Director Colin Trevorrow popped up via video to ask the directors, "Is there any one moment from one of your films, one scnee where you've been on a plane, saw it on tv when nobody was around and was like 'that was dope'?"

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Director Eric Leitch shared that one of his favorite scenes was from Deadpool 2 - and it's a fan-favorite scene too. Leitch responded to the question saying, "Deadpool 2 was a really great experience for me, working with Ryan Reynolds and really getting to hone some comedic chops... there's this scene - that little legs scene. We had the pages, and we'd been going through the pages for weeks, and I'm like 'It's a lot of people telling a lot of jokes and it's hard to land that plane tonally because its so absurd.' But again you're playing in a world like Deadpool."

Leitch continued, "I learned a lot in editorial, like it was stealing it down to just the essence of the comedic beats. I see that scene and I see how a factory is like and how ridiculous we thought it was. But we went for it and then how effective [that scene] is to that film and setting up those characters. I'm really proud of that scene."

What's your favorite scene from Deadpool 2?

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