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The new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer proves that we never needed to be afraid of the classic yellow costume

Hugh Jackman makes anything look cool.

Deadpool 3 wolverine suit image
Image credit: Marvel Studios

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We knew it was coming – for months we’ve known that not only was Deadpool & Wolverine going to unite the two titular characters and give us a look at Wolverine’s classic comic outfit in live action. For decades – cause Hugh Jackman has been playing the role for more than 20 years – movies have skirted the issue, trying to pay tribute to the yellow and blue suit without actually putting Jackman in it for fear that it would look too silly and cartoony.

The latest trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine stops teasing us with a good time and shows Wolverine’s classic costume in all its bumblebee-themed glory and… it actually works. Whether it is the bright color palette of the film or the fact that Jackman is so comfortable in the role that he could wear literally anything and be intimidating, the trailer proves that, despite what many thought, the classic comic look for Wolverine works.

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It is hard to explain just how hard directors have tried to avoid giving us a classic Wolverine look over the years. The closest we got in any of Jackman’s previous nine appearances as the character was a deleted scene in The Wolverine or an off-hand comment in the first X-Men movie when Cyclops asks Logan if he would prefer “yellow spandex” to the more subtle leather outfit they had him in. Having the guts to put him in a costume that was considered a joke for so long makes our little comic book nerd hearts flutter. The fact that made it look so undeniably cool makes us wonder why they held off for so long.

We won’t have to wait long before we see Wolverine's classic comic book look in action. Deadpool & Wolverine hits cinemas on July 26, 2024.

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