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Denys Cowan opens up about the evolution of Milestone from the '90s to now

A video interview with Denys Cowan and Ashley V. Robinson

Denys Cowan and Ashley V. Robinson
Image credit: Popverse

Milestone Media is legendary in the comic book industry for revolutionizing representation of heroes in the comic book industry. A key part of Milestone is Denys Cowan - co-founder, artist, creator, and a really good conversationalist. And while Milestone is a historical milestone (pardon the pun), it's recent rejuvenation - with Cowan back in the fray - has created even more good stories.

Totally unplanned, Popverse managed to get a few minutes with Cowan during the busy San Diego Comic Con weekend for an impromptu coversation talking comics, and specifically Milestone.

“All the things that made [the Milestone characters] attractive the first go around are there the second go around. They’re the same charcters,” Cowan tells Popverse. “They’re just updated a bit to reflect what’s going on now.”

Here is our full five-minute interview with Denys Cowan on Milestone Media.

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