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Queer hardboiled detective reigns supreme in this exclusive excerpt from Tina Horn and Lisa Sterle's DEPROG

Take an early sneak peek at pages from this upcoming queer detective series

Cropped panel from DEPROG
Image credit: Lisa Sterle

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Deprog cover
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Do you love detective stories? Of course you do. How about hardboiled, queer detective stories? Well then, DEPROG is for you. DEPROG, a brand-new four issue comics series from indie publisher Dead Sky Publishing, is co-created by SFSX's Tina Horn and Witchblood's Lisa Sterle, with colorist Gab Contreras and cover artist DaNi, and it may be the new mystery you've been waiting for.

DEPROG follows Tate Debs, described by the publisher as "a hardboiled, hard-drinking, leather-loving dyke detective" who specializes in deprogramming people from abuse groups. When a femme fatale named Vera walks into her office and hires Tate to infiltrate a mysterious cult in the desert, Tate recognizes the cult in question from personal experience, and is forced to face her own past - and decide whether or not its worth retraumatizing herself for the job... and maybe a bit for Vera, too.

About the new series, Horn said in a press release, “As a butch-leaning queer woman, I've always seen myself in fast-talking, hard-boiled detectives in fiction from Philip Marlowe to John Constantine. I hope readers are ready for a new queer anti-hero to root for even as they question some of her life choices!”

If you're still not convinced, check out an exclusive excerpt from the first issue of DEPROG in the gallery below.

DEPROG issue #1 will hit comic shops on March 20. Pre-orders are open until January 24, so let them know you're interested quickly!

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