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Inception meets Amnesia: The Dark Descent in the upcoming Destiny Gate comic from Top Cow and EP1T0ME Studios

The new comic book series from Image Comics is based on a video game concept

Destiny Gate
Image credit: Top Cow

Top Cow Productions — the comic book studio behind Cyber Force, The Darkness, and Witchblade — is partnering once again with video game company EP1T0ME Studios to create a new supernatural thriller described as “a blend of Inception and Amnesia: The Dark Descent."

Destiny Gate the comic book series is the work of Ryan Cady and Christian DiBari, with colors by Simon Gough; its origins, however, lie in an original concept for a game from concept artist Paul Limon. “I told Paul, an ex-Blizzard artist, that his Destiny Gate game pitch was one of the best I’d ever read,” EP1T0ME president Richard Leibowitz explained in a statement. “We’re happy to work with Paul and Top Cow to make the comic and look forward to making the game next.”

“The narrative and artistic elements playing out in Destiny Gate are among my favorites — mind-bending horror, surrealist psychological architecture, and of course, radical art deco design,” said writer Ryan Cady. “With everything to play with here, it’s been a thrill to translate the immersive horror of a game like this into comic book form.” Christian DiBari added, “inspired by films like Dark City and Jacob’s Ladder, and Ryan’s scripts, I use heavy shadows and different kinds of brushes to push the visual look more in a noir direction with nightmarish images.”

The series is the fourth collaboration between the two companies; previously, they’ve co-created Revolvers, The Clay People: Colossus, and St. Mercy.

Top Cow’s description of the first issue runs as follows: “Life, for the most part, is the product of the decisions you make. For some, a 'wrong' decision or two (or more) leads to a crossroads on the other side of the Destiny Gate. Do you fight for a chance to survive and to start anew, or do you succumb to your inner demons and end it all for you and, worse, yours? In this opening tale, we meet Mitchell Slate at the height of the Great Depression. Down on his luck and heading home to a disappointed and desperate family, Mitchell’s train ride veers off the rails and transforms into a macabre and darkly fantastical journey into his own fragile soul.”

Destiny Gate #1 will be released by Image Comics October 11, with covers from Christian DiBari and Simon Gough, and Rahsan Ekedal; take a look at both covers, and some interior pages from DiBari and Gough, below.

This week sees the launch of Top Cow’s Antarctica.

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