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Roll for luck through the tallest dice tower in the world

Test your luck on the C2E2 show floor

Photograph of James Farmer and Kayla next to dice tower
Image credit: Popverse

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On the C2E2 show floor this year is a booth that's already making quite a stir (and it's only Friday afternoon!). The Artist & The Carpenter a.k.a. ArtCarp sells fine woodworking and fine art, and at this year's C2E2, they're also selling a chance to roll a die off of what they're saying is the world's tallest dice tower... and while we can't quite confirm that "tallest in the world" statement for sure, it's fair to say that it's at least one of the tallest.

Photograph of dice tower
Image credit: Popverse

The Art Carp at booth 3777 in McCormick Place features a fifteen foot tall dice tower called Dungeon Crawl, where your dice gets wheeled up the side of a tower in a bucket and down through a well to a dungeon adventure where it bumps through a goblin cave, a mimic room, and to the dragon below.

Closeup of dice tower
Image credit: Popverse

The Dungeon Crawl dice tower was built by James Farmer (who has planted more than a thousand trees!) with the art designs (so many fun details!) from an artist named Kayla.

Photograph of prize panel
Image credit: Popverse

Rolls go $10 a pop with different prizes for different roll results... and you get to keep the die, of course. For each roll, the Art Carp donates a dollar to plant a tree in Appalacia.

Whether or not you're ready to roll, you can check out Farmer's woodworking at his booth throughout the weekend. There's plenty to take a look at, whether you want to browse dice boxes, wooden weapons, or nerdy magnets; the Art Carp booth is certainly worth a visit.

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