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Did DC's social media just spoil Black Adam before the movie arrives in theaters?

An Instagram post might hint at a much-rumored cameo appearance from a very familiar character

Black Adam
Image credit: Warner Bros Pictures

Black Adam hits theaters this evening, but DC has managed to seemingly spoil one of the movie’s rumored big reveals on its social media channels just hours before the movie opens to the public.

A new Instagram post Thursday morning features a fictional text chat between Black Adam and Superman, wherein Dwayne Johnson’s superpowers alter-ego threatens the Man of Steel with a beatdown — while, impressively, working in metatextual jokes about Johnson’s wrestling persona, the Rock. (It’s a complicated bit, what can we say?)

This comes following extended teases — and a number of almost-confirmations — that Henry Cavill makes a surprise appearance in Black Adam reprising his role as Superman from earlier DC movies, in a move that has been rumored to lead to a second Man of Steel movie at some point in the near future. Industry watchers have been speculating that Johnson and others have been intentionally spoiling the surprise appearance in an attempt to increase interest in the movie in order to ensure a strong opening weekend, and this Instagram post may be a Warner Bros-approved version of fanning the flames. Currently, it’s estimated to make around $60 million domestically in its first weekend, with a worldwide opening estimate in the region of $125-$135 million.

While the Instagram post doesn’t definitively state that Superman is in the movie, it’s nonetheless being taken as a sign that the rumors are true. “I’m sorry did y’all just spoil it?” went one comment on the post. “They’ve just given up on the secret now,” runs another.

As to whether Superman does show up in the movie… well, we’re not going to say anything one way or another until after the movie’s in theaters. We don’t want to spoil anything, after all.

If you still feel like you need to know more about Black Adam, we’ve got everything you could want to know about the movie right here.

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