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Trend alert: If you're a cosplayer, the answer appears to be dinosaurs

The real thing might be extinct, but T-Rexes are making a comeback at the London MCM Comic Con

Image credit: ReedPop

If there’s one thing that can be said of MCM October 2023, it’s that it’s filled with unexpected surprises and experiences. For example, one of the primary themes of the show for those in the ExCeL in London, England? Dinosaurs.

By that, I don’t merely mean that there’s a life-size T-Rex on the show floor, marking the 30th anniversary of the release of Jurassic Park — although, really, it’s a pretty impressive beast, as this image might suggest:

Image credit: ReedPop

Instead, I’m referred to the fact that there are a lot of cosplay dinos at the show. Like, a lot of cosplay dinos. In fact, I’d hazard that it’s one of the three overriding cosplay trends at the show*, surprisingly: specifically, the inflatable dinosaur costume that looks like this:

Image credit: Popverse

That’s the thing, you see; they’re traveling in packs, for the most part. Sure, it’s possible to find one solo inflatable dinosaur wandering the Earth by themselves at the show, but it’s been far more common to see them with at least one similarly monstrous companion, if not more. This has led to a number of amazing sights, not least of which was one man dressed as John Hammond from Jurassic Park reacting to the discovery of a group of inflatable dinosaurs with unmistakable delight, running up to them as if rediscovering long-lost family. (John, they might be inflatable, but they’re still probably going to maul you given the chance. It’s just what they do.)

Again: who would have expected dinosaurs to be one of the big sights to see at MCM, 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park or not? Life, it seems, really does find a way.

* I know what you're thinking: "Three? What are the other two cosplay trends from the show?" I'll tell you, based on entirely anecdotal evidence: Spider-Mans - not Peter Parker, entirely, but a Spider-Verse-worth of alternates - and Kens. Yes, not Barbies; Kens. Specifically, Ryan Gosling's look with the fur coat, because of course.

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