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Disney+'s Percy Jackson fans are baking blue cookies, here's why

It all has to do with Sally Jackson

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Percy Jackson fans have a lot to be happy about. Not only is there a new television series adaptation releasing new episodes on Disney+ every week, it's also pretty good. The enthusiasm from fans for this adaptation has been very visible on social media, but something else has popped up on social media too - blue cookies.

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Percy Jackson fans have been posting their own blue bakes to social media, but we haven't seen blue cookies on the small screen adaptation yet, so what's the story behind them?

Though we haven't seen blue cookies on the show yet, we have seen blue candy, and the stories are connected. In the Percy Jackson books, Sally Jackson, Percy's mom loves to make blue food (after her boyfriend Gabe tries to say that there's no such thing as blue food). That means blue candy of course, as well as blue cake and of course, cookies too. But the cookies stand a step apart from the rest of the blue food in Percy's life, because, when Percy takes his first sip of nectar, we find that it tastes, to him, exactly like his mom's blue chocolate chip cookies.

Seems like a fitting snack for any demigod and all demigod fans. Check out some fan's blue cookies here.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is streaming on Disney+ now.

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