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Tradd Moore takes Marvel's Doctor Strange to a strange new world this November

Marvel announces new Doctor Strange series at San Diego Comic-Con

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1 cover
Image credit: Tradd Moore (Marvel Comics)

Stephen Strange might be dead, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t have new adventures – or that Marvel Comics can’t get one of the more exciting new talents of the past few years to take on their creative chores.

It was announced during a closed-door retailer meeting at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday morning that Silver Surfer: Black artist Tradd Moore will handle art and writing on a new four issue miniseries, Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise, launching this November.

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1 cover
Image credit: Tradd Moore (Marvel Comics)

This won’t be the first time Moore has been responsible for both the writing and art on a Marvel project, although he’s primarily known as an artist for projects including All-New Ghost Rider, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, and 2018’s The New World – currently under development as a movie at Warner Bros. Moore also wrote and drew 'Four Shoes,' his contribution to 2020’s The Amazing Spider-Man #850.

In Doctro Strange: Fall Sunrise, Strange will wake up in an unfamiliar environment that is seemingly out to kill him, having to negotiate the unfamiliar world and find a way home – if such a thing is still possible. The first issue of the series will feature a wraparound cover by Moore.

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