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Chatting with Doctor Who cosplayers at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con

Ahead of the Jodie Whittaker spotlight panel at ECCC, Popverse chatted with a few excited fans about their love for Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who
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We're big Doctor Who fans at Popverse, so we were 1) thrilled to be able to chat with Jodie Whittaker at Emerald City Comic Con 2024 and 2) excited to be able to chat with Doctor Who fans while they were waiting in line to see the Doctor herself.

Now what did we talk to said fans about? All things Doctor Who of course! Watch the full video below (with an exciting alien cameo at the end):

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And if you haven't heard the news already, we're debuting the full Jodie Whittaker spotlight panel on Popverse at the end of the month. Get your details here.

Get fully immersed in ECCC 2024 with Popverse's coverage of the event. From main stage panel livestreams to backstage interviews, on-the-floor coverage, news, cosplay galleries, and all the major panels we'll be m ocderating! We also have a list of the ECCC 2024 artist alley and the big booths to expect. We've even got you covered on where to eat near the convention center.

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