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Seattle's ECCC 2024 welcomes Penguin Random House, Oni Press, Clarion West, and more

The full list of exhibitors at the 2024 Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle has been revealed.

ECCC 2023
Image credit: ReedPop

ReedPop's first major show of 2024 is Emerald City Comic Con, in the heart of Seattle. After announcing this year's Artist Alley participants, and our rollout of the panels we'll be livestreaming has begun, it's now time to learn the publishers, vendors, and other companies who'll be on the show floor.

At this year's ECCC, you can look forward to comic publishers Oni Press, Mad Cave Studios, and Silver Sprocket, along with book publisher Penguin Random House - who is bringing thier Book World booth to the event. Also at ECCC 2024 will be Heritage Auctions, showcasing some of the amazing comics and other collectibles it auctions off around the year. Also, for authors in the audience, the famed Clarion West Writers Workshop will have a booth.

You can expect big booths on the showfloor from PureArts, Comicon Islanders, Stylin' Online, Gallery Panda, Materia Music, Flying Frog Productions, V1 Tech, All Blue Anime, Ultrasabers, Elderwood Academy, TickleMeToys, Lethal Shadows, Toystop Inc., Artistic Flavorz, and Katie Croonenberghs.

And the good people of the medieval clothing company Burgschneider will have their own dedicated room!

For a complete list of ECCC 2024 exhibitors, visit the ECCC website.

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