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Dog Man creator Dav Pilkey has created an all new comic just for indie bookstores

Indie bookstores in the US, Canada and the UK have an exclusive free comic waiting for fans...

Dog Man
Image credit: Scholastic

As if the prospect of a new Dog Man graphic novel isn’t enough, Dav Pilkey has a special surprise lined up for fans in the U.K., U.S., and Canada: a brand-new, original comic book available for free.

The 16-page Wally’s World will be available via independent bookstores in the three territories listed above, as part of the significant promotional push behind Pilkey’s new Dog Man release, Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under The Sea, at the end of the month. Wally’s World will be a limited edition release, with fans politely reminded to pick it up while supplies last. Given that Pilkey’s last Dog Man book, 2021’s Dog Man: Mothering Heights, was the top-selling print book of the year — and that he placed three different titles in the top 25 of the year — it’s safe to say that it’s going to be an in-demand title.

Wally’s World is just one of a number of special Pilkey moments this month leading up to the March 28 release of Twenty Thousand Fleas; the month started with a new edition of The Adventures of Captain Underpants — officially, the “25½ Anniversary Edition,” because timing — that features an all-new strip teaming Captain Underpants and Dog Man. (This strip will also appear in the Dog Man and the League of Misfits Free Comic Book Day release.)

Additionally, Scholastic has created thousands of 'Supa Epic Event Kits' for public and school libraries, including posters, comic creation kits, and more; there are also free downloadable activities available at, which also includes a guide to finding a Dog Man Day event near you. (Dog Man Day is a moveable feast; it’s happening on different days at different locations throughout the summer; use the event finder at the link above for more details.)

As if all of that isn’t enough, Scholastic Book Fairs and the Scripps Howard Fund have partnered to distribute free copies of Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under The Sea to 25,000 students and teachers in Title 1 schools, as part of the Fund’s “If You Give A Child A Book…” literacy campaign, aimed at supporting childhood literacy and education in low-income areas.

The release of Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under The Sea was already likely to be the publishing event of the year — it’s heartening to see it being used to anchor all kinds of comics outreach projects throughout the year, as well. Keep your eyes peeled on Popverse for more Dog Man over the next few weeks.

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