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Unstoppable Doom Patrol can't stop at just six issues, so it's adding one more (and its thanks to early fan support, according to DC)

David Lafuente will draw the fourth issue of the Dawn of DC Unstoppable Doom Patrol series as it extends to a seven-issue run

Fittingly for a title with a history of weird metatext, DC’s new Unstoppable Doom Patrol has proven to live up to its title even before the first issue has hit the shelves, with the announcement that what had previously been planned as a six-issue miniseries will get an additional issue added — except that it’s not being added to the end of the run, but the middle. Yeah, that feels like a Doom Patrol move.

Beast Girl design by Chris Burnham
Image credit: DC

The additional issue — which will appear as #4 in the run, because of course it will — will also be the only issue of the series not drawn by series co-creator Chris Burnham; instead, David Lafuente will be on art chores when the issue hits stands June 27. News of the seventh issue — which is actually the fourth issue, but numbering is weird that way — broke at the Dawn of DC panel at Wondercon 2023 in Anaheim, California, where series writer Dennis Culver told the crowd that the issue was added to the schedule because of the fan response to the series ahead of its launch.

Unstoppable Doom Patrol is a revival of the classic DC team with a new mission: this time around, they’re saving the world by saving the monsters, and standing up for those meta humans who can’t stand up for themselves in the DCU, especially after the events of Lazarus Planet created a whole new generation of superpowers individuals. To this end, the team has grown beyond its core membership of Robotman, Negative Man, Crazy Jane and Elasti-Woman to include a number of new members, including Beast Girl, an all-new character debuting in the series’ second issue.

An inside look at Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1

The Unstoppable Doom Patrol series debuts on Tuesday March 28, and we have a look at that issu here. Yes, that’s Monsieur Mallah, the Brain, and General Immortus showing up. Get ready for some old school DP action… kinda… in the new series, friends. (You can also see the scratch-off variant cover by Burnham for the issue, alongside the regular cover. We're spoiling you with all of this...!):

An inside look at Unstoppable Doom Patrol #2

And that's not all, as Culver shared these uncolored, unlettered pages from April's Unstoppable Doom Patrol #2. Wait… is that Peacemaker in one of those panels…?

Unstoppable Doom Patrol #1 (of 7) is released March 28.

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