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Dorohedoro season two gets official announcement - four years after the first season aired

Our favorite lizard-headed sorcerer hunter is finally back in action!

Dorohedoro season one promotional image
Image credit: MAPPA

Fans of Dorohedoro have been waiting a very long time to see if the anime adaptation would be returning to Netflix. The show’s original run was back in 2020 but it ended well short of the end of the manga’s story. For nearly four years, we’ve waited to see if we’d get more adventures of the lizard-headed Caiman and his friend Nikaido. The wait is finally over though – with season two of Dorohedoro officially in production.

The first season of Dorohedoro aired in Japan in January 2020 before the show’s twelve episodes were released on Netflix in March of that year. Fans of the manga noted that the show left plenty of potential material to cover – season one only covered up to the first 41 chapters of the manga, leaving over 120 chapters of the story left to adapt. It wasn’t until almost four years after season one’s debut that season two was officially announced via a post on the anime’s official website.

Dorohedoro season two announcement image
Image credit: Dorohedoro Production Committee

As part of the announcement, the author of the original Dorohedoro manga revealed that “production has been progressing little by little for quite some time” despite how long it has been since the first season. The production team also shared a new visual teaser that shows the two main characters as we last saw them in 2020. No reason for the long delay was given but, considering the timing, it is likely that the COVID-19 pandemic factored into it.

There are still a lot of details missing from the announcement of Dorohedoro season two, including a release date and if MAPPA, who have had their hands tied with shows like Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen, would be returning to animate the new episodes. Still, the prospect of more episodes is exciting for fans who have probably given up hope of a second season.

Dorohedoro follows Caiman, a man who wakes up with the head of a lizard and no memory of his past. Together with his friend Nikaido, he splits his time between hunting down the sorcerer who cursed him and working at a hospital for those who have been injured by magical attacks. The original manga ended its run in 2018 after 167 chapters.

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