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Nickelodeon's Double Dare taught me about real life

Who knew green slime would be such a big part of our life?

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I have been fortunate to live a healthy, rewarding life for several decades now, but it's not without its challenges - be it personal issues, health setbacks, or accidents along the way. But I've managed to get through all of those challenges - sometimes not perfect, sometimes a bit messy - and I've done it thanks to Double Dare.

Yes, Double Dare - the Nickelodeon game show franchise hosted by the disarmingly charming Marc Summers. Thanks to my age, I was there when Nickelodeon became a thing on television - and Double Dare was a quintessential part of it becoming a staple of growing up as a kid in North America, and it taught me trivia, schooled me on collaboration, helped me realize how other generations can be partners (thanks Family Double Dare), and made me less afraid of getting covered in mess - especially green slime.

Earlier this year, Popverse's Veronica Valencia visited the off-Broadway show rendition of Double Dare and her videos, stories, and conversation that resulted from that experience helped me realize how much the super sloppy game show was a part of me becoming who I am.

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The competition, the dares, the collaboration, the double dares, the trivia, the physical challenges, and finally that obstacle course laid out the trials and tribulations of life in a vibrantly colored metaphor we could laugh, squeal, and shake our head at. As someone who watched it on television and even went down to Orlando once to try to be a contestant (spoilers: I didn't make it), it brought game shows into its ultimate form: clean fun (but also messy fun).

As Double Dare evolves into an off-Broadway show and the original lives on in memories (and streaming on Paramount+, I think I can still find little gloops of green slime in my childhood items, or at least my memories.

Nickelodeon’s Double Dare off-Broadway show reunites original members alongside Marc Summers.

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