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Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama is more "heavily involved" in a new spin-off than he has been in any show since 1995

It marks the biggest contribution he's made to a Dragon Ball series since 1995.

Korin and Goku in Dragon Ball DAIMA
Image credit: Toei Animation

In case you missed the announcement at NYCC, we’re excitedly looking forward to the return of Dragon Ball in August 2024 with a brand-new series. Dragon Ball DAIMA will not only be the first new show in the new iconic anime franchise since Dragon Ball Super ended in 2018, but it will also mark the most that series creator Akira Toriyama will be involved in the show since 1995.

During the Dragon Ball panel at New York Comic Con, Akio Iyoku, former Shonen Jump Editor-in-Chief and executive producer of Dragon Ball DAIMA, explained that Toriyama was heavily involved with the new show, including planning two episodes and contributing heavily to the storytelline, something that might surprise fans who have gotten used to his hands-off approach to his signature series.

While Toriyama wrote and drew all of the Dragon Ball manga, he has been inconsistent with his involvement in the various adaptations since. He only contributed some character designs to the first sequel series, Dragon Ball GT, and only gave very top-level plot details to the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime teams. His involvement in the Dragon Ball movies has largely been confined to Battle of Gods onwards, so this is the first time we've seen a Dragon Ball series with Toriyama's direct influence in almost 30 years.

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Iyoku was keen to highlight how heavily Toriyama was involved in the production of Dragon Ball DAIMA, clearly seeing this news as a selling point for the new series. With the original mangaka on board and even penning several episodes, we’re hoping that Dragon Ball DAIMA will have the same spirit of adventure and wonder that the original manga had rather than feel like a rehash of the ill-received Dragon Ball GT.

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