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Dragon Ball Daima announcement surprised even the cast members

The Dragon Ball Daima announcement even shocked some of the cast members live on stage.

Dragon Ball Daima still
Image credit: Toei Animation

A new Dragon Ball anime is coming, and the announcement rocked New York Comic Con. Dragon Ball executive producer Akio Iyoku energized everyone when he announced Dragon Ball Daima, an anime that will premiere in fall 2024. I’m not kidding, I was sitting in the audience at the Empire Ballroom when this was announced, and the energy was absolutely electric. There were rumors flying, but nobody knew what we would be seeing – and it turns out that even included the cast members themselves.

“I’ve been a Dragon Ball fan my whole life. I’m way too excited for this panel. I still don’t know what we’re announcing,” Whis voice actor Ian Sinclair said.

Bulma voice actress Monica Rial had more of an inkling than Sinclair did, but she hadn’t seen the Dragon Ball Daima trailer prior the panel – and she was the moderator! “Just so you know, this is the first time Ian and I are seeing the video as well, and I’m trying not to tear up,” Rial said. “I have goosebumps! That was so cool! I have so many questions,” Sinclair said with excitement.

In fact, Sinclair and Rial don’t even know if they’ll be in the new series! Sinclair decided to ask Iyoku about this live on stage. “I have to ask, I know that it’s really the question that’s on everyone’s mind in this room – is Whis going to be in it,” Sinclair asked.

“I’m not going to say no. Maybe, but Bulma is going to be in it,” Iyoku answered through his translator.

Surprising fans during a convention panel is always a king move, but surprising your own cast members is next level. Well played Dragon Ball.

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