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New Dragon Ball Daima trailer shows little Goku getting into trouble and filling his belly

It's a new, simpler adventure.

Dragon Ball Daima Son Goku trailer
Image credit: Toei Animation

It's 2024 and we're anticipating a new Dragon Ball anime series. Some things never change. Here's a fun new look at Goku in the Dragon Ball Daima series.

There was a special Dragon Ball Daima panel set to happen during the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 event, and unsurprisingly, new information about the 40th anniversary anime series was revealed, mostly through a new teaser focusing on little Goku as he faces new opponents, gets into trouble, and keeps eating more than he should. You can watch it below:

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The preview, which doesn't really follow a narrative and is more of a quick look at the character in separate scenes, teases an anime series which is more in line with the original Dragon Ball show, that is: a light-hearted, globe-trotting adventure about more 'basic' martial arts and far less complicated storylines. Who knows if things become more complex as the series evolves (we've already seen images featuring adult Goku), but for now, it's looking like an old-fashioned good time that should please most veteran fans. Also: Goku hasn't lost his appetite.

While Akira Toriyama isn't directing the series, he's directly involved with the character designs and overall look of the (admittedly very important) anniversary series, which seems to be doing a lot of gorgeous hand-drawn animation. Yoshitaka Yashima (Fresh PreCure!) and Aya Komaki (One Piece) are leading the project as directors.

The series is currently set to arrive during fall 2024 according to the official Dragon Ball website, with Bird Studio and Shueisha once again collaborating with Toei Animation to create and develop the project.

On top of the Dragon Ball Daima news, we also received a new Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero trailer yesterday. The video game is essentially a new Budokai Tenkaichi entry, and its new teased roster seems massive!

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