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Dune: Part Two streaming date could be as soon as April 14, according to director Denis Villeneuve

In discussing his conditions for making the sequel, Villeneuve revealed how long the film solely would be in theaters before heading to streaming

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Some fans are lined up in front of the theater for Dune: Part Two like they did for the first one, but some of us remember the first DUne movie was released simultaneously in theaters and on streaming - but not this time. But for the kind of Dune fan that doesn't venture to theaters much (you never know where sandworms are hiding), there's another event to look forward to - Dune: Part Two's streaming date. Though that streaming date is nowhere near confirmed, there is a potential timeframe to be found from a pretty reliable source - director Denis Villeneuve.

In an article published on IndieWire in October of 2021, Villeneueve revealed that he had a "non-negotiable condition" for making Dune: Part Two - that it would run solely in theaters for a set amount of time before heading to streaming service Max. That set amount of time is 45 days.

Ok, let's pull out our calculators here and do some math (though frankly, I'd rather deal with the sandworms). Dune: Part Two hits theaters March 1, 2024. If Villeneuve's conditions stand, and we don't see why they won't, that means the earliest that the sequel could come to streaming would be April 14, 2024.

By the way, lest you make some negative assumptions about the director, we should clarify that these conditions don't mean Villeneuve is against streaming.

"I love streaming," he says, "[...] I think it’s a fantastic way of revisiting movies or discovering movies from the past that are not accessible in theaters anymore. But I still think that contemporary movies need to have their chance. All movies need to have proper time in theaters."

Well, we don't know about all movies, but judging by the box office predictions for Dune: Part Two, we can guess that at least Denis Villeneuve's films will get whatever time in theaters he deems right.

Dune: Part Two charges into theaters March 1, 2024. Buy tickets on Fandango or Atom Tickets.

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