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ECCC 2024: Solve your own whodunnit with Foulplay Games' Curious Carnival

There's murder afoot throughout the entire four-day convention in the Pacific Northwest, and you can help solve it

The Curious Carnival
Image credit: Foulplay Games

We’ve already told you that whodunnits are back in a big way right now, but attendees to this year’s upcoming Emerald City Comic Con have the opportunity to take the next step beyond tuning in to the latest weekly installment of their favorite murder mystery: they can live one for themselves. (Thankfully without someone actually dying, I hasten to add.)

Throughout the entire four day event, Seattle-based murder mystery games company Foulplay Games — if ever there was a name positively dripping with foreboding, it’s that one, let’s be honest — will be hosting The Curious Carnival, a magical circus whodunnit filled with secrets, intrigue, and the chance for fans to play Hercule Poirot (or Benoit Blanc, if that’s your choice of accent) for themselves. It’s a game with life and death stakes, especially for the dearly departed whose demise is the mystery to be solved, but if that’s not enough, there’s a further twist: prizes and swag are also at stake for those who sign up and solve the murder!

The official description of The Curious Carnival explains more: “Join Foulplay Games for a pop-up magical circus murder mystery game, The Curious Carnival! Visit the Petrovic Family Circus for the 100th birthday of the famed fortune-telling twins, where you will play as a suspect over 2 hours of mystery and intrigue to figure out whodunnit!. Not everything looks like it will be fun and games though; rumor has it, not everyone is happy with the current ringmaster and there are whispers of impossible feats taking place outside of the tents. And what of the gossip the circus is peddling something more than entertainment? Discover friends and rivals while bribing and blackmailing other con attendees to find clues and gather information to solve the crime! No prior experience needed. Ages 13+ recommended. Prizes and swag for participants and super sleuths! No signup required, first come, first served! It’s bound to be a showstopper, come see the magic up close!”

The full schedule for The Curious Carnival can be found here, with two-hour sessions taking place throughout the full schedule for the upcoming event. ECCC runs February 29-March 3 at the Seattle Convention Center, in Seattle, Washington. As you should expect by now, we’re going to be there for the whole thing.

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