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Gaze into the Enter the Popverse that never was!

Unfortunately, the episode of the weekly series has had to be cancelled due to sickness

Enter the Popverse Episode 36
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Unfortunately, since this post was originally published, both host Ashley Victoria Robinson and guest Joe Illidge have come down with sickness, forcing us to cancel this particular episode. Read on for a glimpse into an Enter the Popverse that never was, like an issue of Marvel's What If with especially low stakes. (And send psychic well-wishes to both AVR and Joe, too.)

As the dust settles on New York Comic Con for another year — was that really just a week ago that we were all getting started on that journey together? Really? — it’s time to pick ourselves up and start looking towards the future. And by “future,” I mean, this week’s episode of Enter the Popverse.

Yes, it’s back — well, it didn’t really go away, in that there was both a new episode airing last week while host and video producer Ashley Victoria Robinson was physically at New York Comic Con, as well as a live, in-person Enter the Popverse panel featuring none other than the great Tim Sheridan and For All Mankind co-creator Ronald D. Moore. (Don’t worry; we’ll talk about that on the show.) Nonetheless, this week’s episode is all-new and all-live, and featuring a comic book veteran and icon — as well as a Popverse contributor: Joseph P. Illidge.

Joe will be talking about his vast experience in the industry — he’s worked for DC, Valiant, Heavy Metal, Simon & Schuster and Lion Forge, and is currently on the Board of Directors for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund — and how he views the current state of comics, so anyone who’s enjoyed his columns about the industry should make a point of tuning in to see what he has to say.

Meanwhile, regular unofficial co-host Graeme McMillan will also be joining the show to talk about the upcoming new book from Raina Telgemeier, as well as their NYCC experiences. Yes, we’ll almost definitely talk about the live panel and just how starstruck we were by our guests. (Wait, am I breaking the fourth wall by not talking about myself in the third person? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.)

All of that and more will be happening in Enter the Popverse #36, which will take place on YouTube at the regular time, 1pm EST, 10am PST, this Friday — or, for those who want to stay right here where the action is, bookmark this page and come back at the appointed time to check out the video below.

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If you saw the mention of Tim Sheridan above, then perhaps you should revisit this sneak peek he provided of Alan Scott, The Green Lantern #1.

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