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Seattle, welcome Image Comics, Rebecca Yarros, Oni Press, and more with ECCC 2024's first wave of panel announcements!

ECCC is the pomp and pageantry that PNW deserves, with Rebecca Yarros, Ben Clanton, and more all on their way.

Emerald City Comic Con 2023
Image credit: ReedPop

Soon, some of our favorite celebrities from movies, TV, comics, anime, cosplay and more will come together for the four-day celebration known as Emerald City Comic Con. This Seattle staple, celebrating its 21st year this year, has all the pageantry PNW deserves, with a guest-list growing as the days count down to kick-off on February 29, 2024. And you can buy tickets to ECCC 2024 right this very second.

Right now, we're offering a first look at the first wave of ECCC 2024 panels that those in attendance can witness, take part in, and maybe even get on stage for (no promises on that one, you just gotta know the vibes in the room).

Keep in mind this is just the first wave of ECCC 2024 panels, with the line-up of the bespoke ECCC Main Stage powered by Xfinity. still to be announced - along with loads more on ECCC's other stages.

The first wave of ECCC 2024 panels are:

  • Image Comics Presents: the new wave of comics storytelling, character, and talent with Cara O'Neil and more to be announced
  • Rise of Romantasy with Saara El-Arifi, Rebecca Yarros, Danielle L. Jensen, Leia Stone
  • Oni Press: Sequentially Subversive Since '97 with Hunter Gorinson, Katie Sainz, Michael Torma, Spencer Simpson, Sierra Hahn, Andy McElliott
  • Yokai of Marvel's Demon Days with Zack Davisson
  • Authors on the Best Advice I Ever Got with Terry Brooks, Saara El-Arifi, Peter V. Brett, Django Wexler
  • Anyone Can Save The Day: Unconventional Superhero Stories with Royden Lepp, T. P. Jagger, Shaun David Hutchinson, Keith Negley
  • Here there be Monsters! Folklore and Horror in Comics with Zack Davisson, Chris Roberson, Kel McDonald
  • Mary Shelley Presents with Deborah Daughetee, Nancy Holder, Jessica Maison
  • Character Creation in Sixty Minutes with Katherine Arden, Lauren J. A. Bear, Arnée Flores
  • So you want to work in comics? The Fine Print Crew! with Zack Davisson, Brian Hanzel, Valentine Barker
  • Navigating Youth: Maverick Creators Explore Coming of Age with Joe Corallo
  • Netflix & Kill, RPG Game Show with James D'Amato, Jon Taylor, Jef Aldrich
  • Fantasy from Traditions Around the World with Akshaya Raman, Julia Vee, Saara El-Arifi
  • It's Getting Dark with Autumn Krause, Peter V. Brett, James Kennedy,Claire Legrand
  • Dance the Night Barbie Dance Lesson with Robyn Warren, Andra Hermann
  • Octavia's Lessons: Celebrating The Parable of the Sower through Writing with Amy Hirayama
  • Audiobook Narrators: Meet the Voices in your Ear! with Shiromi Arserio, Jayne Entwistle, Melanie Carey, Gary Bennett
  • Parallel Realms: Mad Cave Creators Discuss SciFi & Fantasy with Joe Corallo
  • Examining Our World through the Lens of Science Fiction with Micaiah Johnson, Naz Kutub, Seanan McGuire
  • The Ultimate RPG Dungeonmeister's Show with James D'Amato, Jon Taylor, Jef Aldrich
  • Queer Is the New Normal in Fantasy with Piper CJ, Justine Pucella Winans
  • How to take your idea from concept to creation with Sebastian Jones
  • M-archetype Madness with Stephanie Carr, Anna Gracia, Christine Ma-Kellums, Kristin Dwyer
  • Outline in 60! with Frog Jones, Esther Jones
  • Nerd Nite: The Quirky Science for your Brain and your Liver
  • Making Hard Science Fiction Look Easy with Terry Brooks, Veronica Roth,John Jackson Miller, Micaiah Johnson
  • Calling All Kids: Meet Narwhal & Jelly and Tater Tales Creator Ben Clanton! with
  • Level up with the DIGITAL LIZARDS OF DOOM! with Joe Corallo
  • Booksta Buddies with Stephanie Carr, Anna Gracia, Christine Ma-Kellums, Kristin Dwyer, Naz Kutub
  • In Good Company: Find (or Build) Your Very Own Writing Group with Rashida J. Smith

Popverse will once again be in and around ECCC (our third, thank you very much), and we are finalizing plans on which of these panels we'll be filming and livestreaming for those of you who can't make it - or those that can, but want to be able to re-live the magic (and maybe rewatch their fan Q&A) until the ends of time.

Visit for more details including the dates, times, and location of these (and more) panels coming to Seattle this year.

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