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Hallmark are hosting their own Christmas Convention - even if they won't call it that

Is a convention by any other name not just as exhausting?

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Image credit: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

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Christmas is an important time of year for most people, but Hallmark has made it a cornerstone of both their greeting cards and their media for years. Now, the company that pumps out more Christmas-themed films than anyone else each year is taking the next logical step – they’re making a Christmas convention – kind of.

While they’re not calling it a convention, it sounds like a lot of the conventions we’ve been to over the years. What's officially being called the Hallmark Christmas Experience will include ticketed photo ops with celebrities, behind-the-scenes panels, screenings, and stalls, which is pretty similar to what you’d expect to find on most convention floors. The biggest difference is that the Christmas Experience will take place across multiple weekends instead of cramming all the excitement into one weekend before exhaustedly limping back into work on Monday morning. They can call it whatever they like but we know what it really is.

Hallmark is hosting the event in Kansas City, which happens to be where their headquarters are at, every weekend from November 29 to December 23. Those poor stars of the many Hallmark Christmas films will have to brave the cold Midwestern winter to meet fans at the Crown Center.

If you’d like to tickets the Hallmark Christmas Con – err… Experience, they go on sale May 16, 2024. Be warned, however – if you’re after a specific celebrity photo op, you need to double-check when that individual will be attending the event. The line-up changes each weekend.

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