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Exclusive Sneak Peek: Bob Phantom returns to Archie Comics (with a special guest)

Bob Phantom is back! And this time he's accompanied by Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats

Cropped page featuring Bob Phantom from Archie Comics
Image credit: Archie Comics

Golden Age Archie Comics superhero Bob Phantom has made it back to the funny pages, now for the modern age with a one-shot comic from writer James III (Netflix's Astronomy Club) and artist Richard Ortiz (The Fox). But Bob Phantom wont be alone, in this sneak peek below, you'll also glimpse a surprise appearance of a member of Josie and the Pussycats!

About this new Bob Phantom project, James III says, “Richard Ortiz is a stellar artist who’s illustrated some stunning visuals here. He’s taken the script to a whole new level, making something dark, gritty, and visceral. Ric’s characters are fun, three-dimensional, emotional beings and their figures are dynamic and bold. He’s got a great eye for the noir elements and his balancing of the real with the surreal is unreal. It’s been a joy to see this go from script to comics page.”

Jamie L. Rotante, Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial adds, “Bob Phantom is a superhero Archie hasn't worked with in quite some time, save for a few fun appearances in our digest stories. And yet, there's such a rich history and interesting character behind a somewhat funny name. It's a character ripe for reimagining, and James is breathing new life into it like never before.”

Check out the gallery of Richard Ortiz's work below including covers, character art, and uncolored interior art below:

This Bob Phantom one shot will hit the shelves in November.

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