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Low-budget survival thriller Fall is getting two sequels

We don't know how many twists they can put on the concept, but okay.

Fall (2022)
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One of the biggest low-budget hits with wide theatrical releases recently was Fall, a small survival thriller about, you guessed it, falling from a high place. Well, actually, the two main characters, played by Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner, are trying not to fall. It's an extremely simple premise, but the kind of contained pitch that's given birth to nice little features such as Buried (2010) in the past.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive that two sequels have been ordered by Capstone Pictures, and Scott Mann, who directed and co-wrote the original movie, will return to produce both new installments as well as co-write and direct the threequel. The fact he's not planning to direct the first of the sequels himself might indicate he's found his next project after signing with WME in October 2022. For now, he said the following about the follow-ups: "We’ve got a really special cinematic experience planned and I’m immensely grateful to my fellow producers for backing the vision. I’m also excited to be working with new collaborators as well as reuniting with the original gang, and obviously can’t wait to be back filming thousands of feet up."

Fall 2 and 3 are supposed to bring back characters from the original movie while adding new ones and upping the stakes, something we're curious to see, since the original worked with just the idea of two women stuck at the top of an abandoned radio tower. If we had to guess, we'd say a change of scenery is coming. Fall was a surprise critical and commercial success, earning over $20 million at the worldwide box office after costing only $3 million to make, and that's before it hit the domestic market.

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