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After 20 years, Fate/Stay Night is finally getting its first official English release

Fans have waited decades to finally see how the Holy Grail Wars started.

Fate/stay night remastered screenshot
Image credit: Type-Moon Games

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While it has become one of the most popular anime series in existence, English-speaking fans have never been able to see how the Fate franchise started without resorting to piracy or spending years learning Japanese. That is because the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel has never gotten an official release outside of Japan, but that is (finally) about to change.

On Tuesday, Type-Moon Games, which has been producing Fate games since its first release in 2004, announced that Fate/stay night would get its first worldwide release as part of its 20th anniversary celebration. The release is based on 2007’s Fate/stay night Réalta Nua release, which added the voice actors from the anime but removed most of the adult content. With this release, titled Fate/stay night Remastered, due to release on the Nintendo Switch and Steam, we expect it to keep the more explicit content out. The trailer for the new release was mostly a teaser for the game's English-language subtitles.

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Type-Moon Games refrained from giving a concrete release date for Fate/stay night Remastered, instead opting for the frustratingly vague window of 2024. However, even the announcement itself is an exciting development for fans of the Fate series. With the next entry in the Fate anime series, Fate/strange Fake, still waiting for its own release date, this marks the perfect time to dive into the visual novel that sparked the Holy Grail Wars and the massive media franchise that followed. Fate/stay night is an important part of both anime and gaming history that fans outside of Japan have never been able to experience before.

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