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FBI release dates 2024: When are the hit crime drama TV series returning to CBS?

Wolf Entertainment has got one more set of shows returning this year.

FBI (2022)
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Law & Order, One Chicago, and NCIS aren't the only TV franchises coming back with several seasons across multiple shows after the 2023 writers and actors strikes. The FBI franchise returns this year with three new seasons for its three ongoing shows, and here's all we've learned so far.

Much like Law & Order and One Chicago, the FBI franchise was co-created for TV by writer-producer Dick Wolf. It all began with the premiere of the parent show in 2018, and it's been expanded with spinoffs, finding similar success to that of Wolf's other franchises so far. A big difference, however, is that the FBI shows air on CBS instead of NBC.

When are new FBI season 6 episodes airing?

The main FBI series will be back for season 6 starting on Tuesday, February 13, filling the 8pm ET slot on CBS. The first episode of the season will be titled "All the Rage" — its brief synopsis can be read below:

"When a bus explosion kills several innocent people, the team jumps into action to take down the responsible terrorist organization; Scola tries to balance fatherhood with the job."

When are new FBI: International season 3 episodes airing?

After FBI comes FBI: International as the second part of the Tuesday night block on CBS at 9pm ET, also starting on February 13 with season 3. The plot synopsis for the first episode ("June") reads as follows:

"The team, with the help of their new intel analyst, Special Agent Amanda Tate, works to clean up the pieces left behind after a massive explosion rocks headquarters and their key suspect slips away."

When are new FBI: Most Wanted season 5 episodes airing?

The Most Wanted spinoff concludes CBS' three-hour FBI block on Tuesday nights at 10pm ET. Of course, the fifth season starts on February 13 as well. Its first episode is titled "Above & Beyond" and comes with the following synopsis:

"When a mysterious deal goes south, the team must put the pieces together with the help of a familiar face and new addition to the team, Special Agent Nina Chase; Remy continues to grapple with the aftermath of connecting with his long-lost nephew."

Where can I watch the FBI series?

The FBI series (often called The FBIs) are currently broadcast on CBS, and are later made partially available on a number of services, including Paramount+ and Apple TV+ in the US.

What are the FBI series about?

FBI: Most Wanted - cast
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FBI (2018) is centered on the inner workings of the New York City field office criminal division of the FBI. This elite unit uses all their talents, intellect, and technical expertise to resolve major cases that include terrorism, organized crime, and counterintelligence.

FBI: Most Wanted (2020) is the first FBI spinoff, born from the parent series' first season. It focuses on the work of the FBI's New York Fugitive Task Force, which tracks and captures the highly notorious and dangerous criminals who are on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

FBI: International (2021) is the second FBI spinoff, and follows members of the FBI's international "Fly Team" — elite Special Agents headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. They locate and neutralize threats against American interests around the world, principally in Europe. While it's the youngest of the FBI shows, it's already found tons of success.

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