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For All Mankind season 5 release date: When we think Apple TV+ is taking us back to the stars

Countdown to blast off.

For All Mankind
Image credit: Apple TV+

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The question of how a tiny change could alter the course of history has fueled countless debates in science fiction. For All Mankind is focused on exploring what would have happened if the space race had never ended. How far would humanity have explored? What would our world look like now? Those questions are set to be further answered when For All Mankind season five comes out.

The fourth season of For All Mankind just finished airing in January 2024, so we expect it to be a long wait before the fifth season makes its way to Apple TV+. The studio confirmed that For All Mankind season five had been greenlit in April 2024, but there currently isn’t any release date for the new episodes.

We expect that the fifth season of For All Mankind will begin streaming in mid-2025 at the earliest, judging by how the previous four seasons have been released. Generally, there have been around 18 months between season premieres, so that would give us a July to August release window for season five. Of course, this is just speculation on our part, but considering the entire show is based on speculating an alternative version of history it feels like an appropriate thing to do.

We don’t know when For All Mankind season five will debut yet, but we at least know that it is on its way. Fans who want to get caught up before the new episodes land can catch the entire series on Apple TV+.

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