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Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan look to capitalize on their recent success... by giving us Freaky Friday 2

Disney is aiming to start filming in summer 2024

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Hollywood simply cannot stop revisiting the films of the early 2000s, sensing that the Millennial generation had finally reached the age where they too feel the pull of nostalgia and will pay good money to scratch that itch once again. It is why we’ve seen a revival of Mean Girls and it is why Disney has been toying with the idea of a Freaky Friday sequel. Now, that the film’s stars have the revived star power to make Freaky Friday 2 finally happen.

2003’s Freaky Friday came out at a high point in the careers of both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. Curtis had successfully transitioned from horror film to mainstream star during the 90s with hits like My Girl and True Lies while Lohan was still one of the biggest young stars in Hollywood. After it came out and grossed more than $160 million at the box office, Curtis would temporarily retire from acting and Lohan released a few more hits before she encountered her well-documented legal troubles.

So it isn’t surprising that the pair would have a soft spot for the movie, in which they played a mother-daughter pair that switched bodies thanks to a magical fortune cookie. In fact, they’ve been quietly hinting at a potential sequel for years now, with Curtis reportedly telling Disney in 2022 that “It feels like there’s a movie to be made,” in the sequel.

The timing for the pair feels right – Jamie Lee Curtis took home an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once while Lindsay Lohan’s current deal with Netflix has spawned the surprisingly successful Irish Wish for the streamer and helped the actress prove her troubles were behind her. Their combined star power seems to have become enough for Disney to agree that Freaky Friday 2 is worth developing.

The movie was first announced back in May 2023, yet it wasn’t until recently that there was any real movement. Both stars are currently in negotiations to reprise their roles and Nisha Ganatra, who recently directed episodes of Welcome to Chippendales for Hulu, has been attached to direct. The studio is reportedly aiming for a fast-tracked schedule with filming taking place during summer 2024.

While most sequels like this feel like empty nostalgia cash-ins, we admit that there is an interesting twist on the Freaky Friday formula to be had here. With both actresses being adults, the script is said to be multigenerational, tossing grandchildren into the body-swapping shenanigans. It is still familiar territory but feels different enough to not be a complete rehash of what we’ve had before.

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