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Frieren: Beyond Journey's End manga goes on haitus for the second time this year

Sometimes a writer just needs to get some rest

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End screenshot
Image credit: Madhouse

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With the anime wrapping up its first season, you’d expect the mangaka behind Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End to want to capitalize on the momentum. However, the manga has had a slightly rocky first half of 2024. After a short hiatus earlier this year, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is going on hiatus again, starting on May 15, 2024.

It isn’t unusual for manga to miss the occasional update. With a weekly release schedule, sometimes creators are even forced to publish incomplete drafts of pages, like Eiichiro Oda did last year for One Piece. However, most mangaka try to avoid long hiatuses, and having multiple gaps in updates this close together is pretty rare.

In this year’s 24th issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday, it was announced that Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End would be taking its second such hiatus of the year. Starting on May 15, the manga, whose anime adaptation was one of the big hits of the Fall 2023 anime season, won’t be updating again until further notice. Interestingly, the magazine didn’t mention how long this hiatus would be.

That is important because, when Frieren went on hiatus earlier this year, it felt more planned. The date of its return was announced at the same time as the break, meaning fans knew when to expect more chapters. Speculating, we would guess that the writers of the manga initially thought a one-month break would be long enough to give them a rest or to build up a buffer of material, but they need a bit longer. Hopefully they take all the time they need and come back rested and recharged.

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