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Follow Funko's C2E2 2024 panel 'Future Flight of Fun' here for news, sneak peeks, and more

Funko has big plans for C2E2 2024, and if you can't make it you can follow here to see what you missed.

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Funko figures are a fixture in modern-day comic conventions, but in a rare move, Funko is coming out to Chicago's C2E2 2024 with plans for exclusive releases, a new booth, design, and a panel.

Like all the big things at a major convention, Popverse will be at Funko's C2E2 2024 'Future Flight of Fun' panel and we plan to liveblog the entire thing for those of you who can't join us.

"Attention, passengers! Join us for a high-flying adventure with Funko, Loungefly, and Mondo. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with exclusive sneak peeks and giveaways!" reads the company's description of the event.

Come back Saturday, April 27, 2024 at 2:45pm Eastern / 11:45am Pacific to read about the news, the sneak peaks, and the giveaways.

And that's it for the panel. Thank you everyone for joining us!
For those that didn't get chosen by prize patrol, vervyoneris getting a poster and pin set.
And now one more round of Prize Patrol!
Now they're showing off a Daredevil series for both Funko and Loungefly, and a Cyclops figure from Mondo.
Funko Mike is back for the "final Funko finale, final final. " First up, more Prize Patrol!
They also teased a Mondo Ghostbusters collab of some kind, with more details coming at San Diego Comic-Con.
Attack Peter talks about how the Mondo fans are the best fans in th e world, an dhow they're happy to be a part of it.
ANd they are showing a new Thundercats poster by Sanford Greene for Mondo.
It's 1/6th scale, fully articulated.
They are showing a Mondo x Thundercats Lion-o concept art, along with Snarf. It has a fabric cape, and two versions of the THundercats sword.
Up next from Mondo according to Attack Peter is a collab between Mondo and Thundercats.
He also talks about a beautiful Dave Johnson illustration of Batman in red foil, taken from the recent Batman: TAS Continues comic book series.
Attack Peter says his favorite C2E2 Exclusive is something from the vault is the Space Godzilla, and also reproduction of Jack Kirby's cover to Amazing Fantasy #15.
Now Mondo's Attack Peter has come on the stage.
THey are bringing a new Pop! Yourself, limited to six ever made, to give away in another round of Prize Patorl.
Who has a 'Pop! Yourself' of you, or that you bought for someone you know?
Now they're talking about the 'Pop! Yourself' brand. They're showing off a recent two-pack release with a Karissa and Dave.
IT's time for another round of Prize Patrol. THe crowd is up on their feets, yellow to be chosen for those free prizes.
Loungefly is also doing a series of Scooby-Doo and Minions bags - a mini backpack, a crossbody, and a wallet.
The bags are branded with Jujutsu Kaisen.
THey're now showing a new Loungefly collection - with a blue Gamer backpack, and a Influencer slingbag.
Now they're showing a new commerical for Loungefly, with various unnamed models and designers showing off new merch. They're learning heavily into varsity jackets and full-size backpacks.
Funime and Cosplay is introudouing a new mythic packs, with a 10" Battle Mech Freddy. Each Mythic Pack will have 30 digital Funkos. ANd these are limited to 499 copies.
Now they're talking about Funko's digital collectibles.
They are now doing another round of Prize Patrol. Imagine the Price is Right but with Funko employees running down aisles giving prizes to random fans.
Its limited 1200 editions, and Funko expects it to sell out quickly
They reveal a Bib Boy style Freddy Funko coming out May 9. It's part of a new line called 'Jumbo Chan. It is 14" tall.
Funko has announced Freddy's Funtastic Voyage - 2 nights of fun coming soon.
Funko says they're touching down "at several airports this year", including Funkoville returning to San Diego COmic_Con. They are selling Funko passports you can get stamped at each event.
Funko Mike is hyping up fans with the reveal of an Ahsoka Funko POP they want to give away to fans here in the room. Only one is available.
Funko staff appear to be filming the panel - and particularly the crowd.
They're now asking fans to get "Really loud" again with the promise of more prize patrol giveaways.
Funko staff are walking down the aisles giving out Funko prizes to random fans.

Fallon Prinzivalli

And of course the crowd is yelling, straight out of the opening to the Price is Right - but with no 'Applause' sign in sight.
Mike is hyping the fans to yell loud enough for the Prize Patrol to know to come visit.
Funko Mike has taken the stage, complete with a airlane captian style flight suit. He's starting off with a Prize Patrol giveaway.
THe moderator jumps on the stage, hyping Funko MIke coming on soon - talking Funko, Loungefly, Mondo and more. They of course say there'll be giveaways and prizes for us here in the panel room.
THe panel begins with an overhead announcement ala an airport, telling us to enjoy our flight on Funko Airlines.
The lights are dimming, the panel is about to begin.
Hey, this is Popverse editor-in-chief Chris Arrant, here in the room for Funko's C2E2 2024 panel 'Future Flight of Fun'. The event is set to begin at 1:45pm CST (that's about 20 minutes from now). We will be liveblogging the entire event, and should have pictures for you soon after.

Chris Arrant

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