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Funko at C2E2: See what exclusives are landing in Chicago this weekend!

This year's Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo will feature an all-new airline themed Funko interactive experience and, of course, some exclusive merch

Image credit: Funko

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Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing - Funko Airlines is heading to C2E2.

One of the most venerated vendors across the country, Funko is famous for their highly-stylized convention booths. Just last year, their Blockbuster-themed SDCC entry and Heavy Metal Halloween exhibit at NYCC were some of the most sought-after experiences at their respective conventions. And if the company can stick the landing (pun intended), this year's Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo will be no exception.

What are the Funko exclusives for C2E2 2024?

Posted to their official blog on February 23, the announcement for the flight-themed Funko Airlines booth came with the promise of "exciting exclusive collectibles," giveaways, "in-flight" entertainment and, interestingly, some company. It seems Booth #100, which Funko is calling its base of operations, will also play host to pop brands Mondo and Loungefly.

On April 2, Funko took to social media to unveil their C2E2 exclusives, which we've listed (along with how they can be obtained) below. Check out this list, then scroll down to the gallery to get a look at what are sure to be some of the most wanted collectibles at the convention.

  • Freddy Funko POP!
  • First Officer Proto POP!
  • Franny Funko POP!
  • Shanks POP! (with poster collectible)
  • Caesar Clown POP!
  • Egghead Jr. POP!
  • Tony Stark POP!
  • Poochie POP!
  • Madara Uchiha POP!
  • Buddy Yajirobe & Karin POP!
  • Mirio Togata POP!


  • Woody & Buzz Lightyear POP! (2 pack)


  • Po (Super Sized) POP!
  • Kingdom Come Green Lantern POP!

Booth only

  • Funko Airways T-Shirt

Books A Million & Barnes and Noble

  • Cresselia (Jumo Sized) POP!


Books A Million & Barnes and Noble

  • Jimminy Cricket SODA figure

What is a reservation, and why do I need it?

The Funko booths and merchandise therein are in high demand, so in order to keep the lines moving and the booth from overcrowding, Funko requires reservations to their booth.

But don't worry! You don't need frequent flier miles to visit Funko Airlines - fans had the ability snag a reservation just by visiting C2E2's Funko and Mondo reservation page. As you might've guessed, a pass for the event is required to make a reservation - purchase a C2E2 ticket here.

When were Funko reservations for C2E2 2024 launched?

Reservations for Funko Airlines opened April 4, 2024 at 12PM CT. A link to the reservation was sent to the email you provided for your C2E2 tickets. But don't think that's a guarantee of admittance - reservations will be awarded first come, first serve. Like any in-demand flight, only the quickest of jetsetters snag tickets.

What if I can't make it to Funko Airlines at C2E2?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! You can keep up with all of the in-flight entertainment by following Popverse's Funko liveblog.

Prepare for the majesty that is Chicago's C2E2 2024 with our growing number of pieces on what to expect April 26 - 28 - whether you're coming with us to the McCormick Place, or you're following along here at Popverse. We have details the C2E2 2024 panel livestreams, the C2E2 Exhibitors, the C2E2 Artist Alley, where Popverse will be at C2E2, the Popverse trivia panel (with prizes including a C2E2 2025 badge!), and of course all the details on the Funko booth exclusives.