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Funko spares no expense with its Heavy Metal Halloween-themed area at NYCC

Ghouls with guitars, blacklight Funko Pops, and more at NYCC's Funko booth

Cropped photo of a Funko playing a guitar
Image credit: Funko

The Funko booth is always one of the most anticipated areas of New York Comic Con show floor. In fact, they’ve taken to creating such interesting and extensive environments, they should probably be calling it the Funko region rather than booth, or even better, Funko Town.

Funko’s theme this year is Heavy Metal Halloween, and once again they have spared no expense to deliver chills and joy for nerds of all ages. A 12-foot ghoul with a guitar stands at the entrance, jamming on a stage, beside pun-themed graves to make the Haunted Mansion jealous. Within the Halloween-themed storefronts, you can find a great selection of both classic Funkos and ghoulish gear. (Come for the Heavy Metal Halloween Freddy Bones Blacklight Pop, stay for the hoodie with horns! See the full exclusive list here!)

Pun-themed graves to make the Haunted Mansion jealous decorate the area. There’s a door where you press a button and a gift comes out! There’s a special ghoul-themed selection of Funkos and hoodies with skulls and horns!

Check out our video for a closer look!

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