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What to expect from Funko at San Diego Comic-Con 2023

Get ready for some old-fashioned nostalgia that will see a (checks notes) Blockbuster video store on the show floor?

Funko at San Diego Comic-Con
Image credit: Funko

In case last year’s mammoth booth at San Diego Comic-Con wasn’t enough for fans, the crew at Funko have good news: this year’s Funkoville is almost twice as large, and inexplicably features a fake Blockbuster video store.

According to IGN, this year’s San Diego Comic-Con plans include a Funkoville build that is roughly twice the square footage of the 2022 layout, and will feature storefronts for multiple brands that Funko owns, including Funko Games, Loungefly, and Mondo. As if that’s not enough, there will also be a Blockbuster Rewind store, inspired by Funko’s new line of collectibles.

Remember going to the brick-and-mortar Video Store on a Friday night?” Funko SVP of creative entertainment Mike Becker asked IGN. “It was never an inconvenience, it was an experience! Something you couldn’t just order up on your phone! It was better than streaming! And that is what we want to bring to fans, we want them to feel like they are in an actual 1980's Video Store."

Additionally, there will be giveaways and “interactive elements” throughout the Funkoville attraction, which will be at booth #5341 on the show floor of the San Diego Convention Center, including the return of the ticketed Funko Fundays event.

CEO of Funko Brian Mariotti added, “For 25 years, Funko has been a fan-first company. This is why San Diego Comic-Con is a pinnacle moment for us every year, as it provides the opportunity to create memorable moments for our fans through larger-than-life activations. With the Funkoville booth being twice as big this year, we look forward to offering an even better way for fans to immerse themselves in their favorite fandoms.”

San Diego Comic-Con runs July 19 through July 23 at the San Diego Convention Center. Popverse will be there for the whole thing, sharing everything from the very start of the show until the very end.

Wondering what to expect from this year’s SDCC? We’ve got some answers for you.

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