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The GalaxyCon comic convention chain is about to expand to more cities

Miami and more are about to have a new comic con!

Image credit: GalaxyCon

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As part of our jobs here at Popverse, we attend of lot of conventions - and not just those of our parent company ReedPop. And very soon, there's going to be even more.

The comic convention chain GalaxyCon is about to announce expansion into several new cities including Miami as part of long-term plans for growth initiated following the decline of the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcements are expected to begin in the next few weeks, and come as the company has grown in size to over 50 employees.

This expansion is being led in part by Peter Katz, who joined GalaxyCon a year-and-a-half ago to be in charge of the company's business development and partnerships - first as a consultant, then as a VP, and now as a Senior VP. Katz joined GalaxyCon after leaving Informa's Fan Expo chain of events - and previous to that, he was president of the now-defunct Wizard World line of conventions.

The GalaxyCon chain is an outgrowth of the popular Florida SuperCon convention in South Florida. Originally the flagship convention of the chain, it was sold to Popverse's parent company ReedPop in 2019 - with its spinoff events being retained as part of a chain of GalaxyCons that have spread to Raleigh, Oklahoma City, and San Jose. Under the leadership of Katz and founder Mike S. Broder, GalayCon has also branched out with an anime-specific convention brand, Animate!, and a horror-themed show series called Nightmare Weekend.

Stay tuned for details on these new cons, which of course we'll add to our comprehensive guide to all the major comic conventions.