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HBO finally confirms another Game of Thrones prequel series is in the works

We're going even further back into the past.

House of the Dragon season one screenshot
Image credit: HBO

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The final season of Game of Thrones had us all feeling some sort of way, but it looks like House of the Dragon has helped ease everyone’s collective frustration with those last few episodes. With one successful spin-off under its belt, HBO is keen to try to recapture that Game of Thrones magic with yet another prequel series in the works.

The new series will go even further back into Westeros’ history, telling the story of how the Targaryens first came to power. Titled Aegon’s Conquest, it will serve as an almost direct prequel to House of the Dragon and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will serve as a “back to basics” approach to the Game of Thrones series but doesn't do anything to explain what that means.

Attached to the new project is Mattson Tomlin, who is co-writing The Batman Part II, the follow-up to Matt Reeves’ 2022 superhero film. He is also showrunning an animated Terminator series for Netflix and has written the live-action adaptation of BRZRKR, based on the comic book by Keanu Reeves. Throw in writing for Aegon’s Conquest and Tomlin is fast becoming one of the busiest writers in the business.

There hasn’t been any word of when Aegon’s Conquest will come out or even how far along it is in production. With House of the Dragon season two expected in Summer 2024, we wouldn’t look for the next Game of Thrones prequel to air until well into 2025, plenty of time for HBO to work out the rest of the details.

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