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Chris Pratt's first Garfield movie trailer is here - and we feel about it like Garfield feels about Mondays

Chris Pratt gives us minimal effort in first trailer for upcoming Garfield movie

Garfield movie screenshot
Image credit: Sony Pictures

We’ve known that Chris Pratt was going to be playing Garfield for a long time now, but nothing could have prepared us for hearing his voice come out of the iconic cat. Thanks to the new Garfield trailer that just dropped, you too can hear the man who brought Mario to life phone it in as everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving feline.

Okay, maybe we’re being a bit harsh here because there it isn’t like Pratt is entirely bland in the role of Garfield. He doesn’t have much to work with in the handful of lines we hear him deliver. However, he is clearly overshadowed by Samual L. Jackson, who delivers his line as Vic, Garfield’s estranged father, like he is having the time of his life in the recording booth. It is tough to root for the star of the movie when they can’t manage to be the most interesting character in it. It could be a situation where, like in the Super Mario Bros. Movie, the rest of the cast lifts Pratt's performance and makes the film work. We know he can deliver solid performances, after all.

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The bulk of the trailer’s plot seems focused on giving us the origin story for Jon and Garfield’s relationship, which isn’t something that any of us were ever curious about. Otherwise, it delivers all the slapstick comedy and out-of-place pop songs that we’ve come to expect from modern children’s animated films. There is a fun visual gag when Garfield is launched into the side of his own Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, but otherwise, we can’t say we’re impressed by what we see here.

Maybe we’ll be wrong and the Garfield movie will be more memorable than this first trailer makes it out to be. We’ll have to find out when it comes out on May 24, 2024.

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