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The Ennis/Epting OGN Sara and the Lemire/Walta OGN Sentient coming back with deluxe editions from TKO

New deluxe editions of two of TKO's earliest releases is coming this fall

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Since its formation in 2017, TKO Studios has worked with creators to come up with something a little different from the superheroic comic book norm. This fall, two of the publisher’s biggest hits will return in all-new deluxe editions, complete with previously unseen material.

The new editions of both 2017’s Sara – written by Garth Ennis, with art from Steve Epting (Captain America) – and 2018’s Sentient – by writer Jeff Lemire and Vision artist Gabriel Walta – will feature a substantial amount of additional content; Sara will include more than 40 pages of bonus material, including the script for the first issue, inked pages from co-creator Steve Epting, and an afterword from Ennis. Sentient’s deluxe edition, meanwhile, will feature more than 70 pages of background delights, including Lemire’s original script for the first issue of the series, and a trove of concept designs, process art, and more from Gabriel Walta. Sneak peeks for the new pages for both titles can be seen below.

"We're so proud to be putting out these definitive versions of Jeff Lemire & Gabe Walta's Sentient, and Garth Ennis' and Steve Epting's Sara,” editor Sebastian Girner tells Popverse. “These two titles helped cement TKO Studios' status as a publisher that will spare no effort to bring readers the very best comics and graphic novels. Both collections are beautifully and uniquely designed and filled with never-before-seen sketches, concept art, and scripts, presenting our readers not just with two of the best stories in modern comics, but a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to make them."

That’s not all TKO is planning for this fall: the publisher will also be expanding its prose line, TKO Rogue, with the release of Janet Porter’s Free Rider, a thriller set in '70s New York City centering around the fraying bond between two twin sisters as one starts making moves that her sister – and others – might not approve of.

Both Sara and Sentient will be released October 25, with Free Rider released November 22.

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