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Get a glimpse at the future of sci-fi comics with an exclusive XINO preview

Enjoy the opening of Alex Segura and Zander Cannon's contribution to the sold-out Oni Press anthology on us

Image credit: Oni Press

Revenge is a dish best served in space — something that, thankfully, creators Alex Segura and Zander Cannon are well aware of, as they reveal in Popverse’s exclusive preview of their story from the second issue of Oni Press’s hit new sci-fi anthology series, XINO.

Segura and Cannon’s 'Finale,' which you can read the opening to below, is just one of the stories in the upcoming issue, released next month. Additionally, there are stories from David and Maria Lapham, Hagai Palevsky and Carson Thorn, François Vigneault and Artyom Trankhanov, and Alissa Sallah, each offering their own take on what sci-fi comics can and should be in today’s age. But do those other stories feature Kara Crux taking on a giant monster on an alien planet? They do not; for that, you need Finale, as you can see for yourself right now:

The first issue of XINO sold out upon release, and is being rushed back to press to accompany the second in stores on July 19. XINO itself is a three-issue anthology series bringing together creators old and new to bring a new vision of science fiction comics — and anthology titles — to the fore.

“With a sold-out first issue and non-stop critical acclaim, XINO is striking a main nerve for fans, retailers, and the comics community at large,” Oni president and publisher Hunter Gorinson said in a statement. “Look for that to continue as each issue of XINO ratchets up the tension over the summer…and Oni prepares to unleash even more high-intensity series from some of the most exciting and ambitious creators anywhere in the industry today.”

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