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Oni looks to the future and beyond with new anthology XINO

The three-issue science fiction anthology debuts this June

Xino #1
Image credit: Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group

Oni Lion-Forge Publishing Group is launching a new science fiction anthology this summer, Popverse can exclusively reveal. This June, get ready to travel to the weird and wonderful worlds of XINO.

"Oni's commitment to creator-owned comics runs deep, and, with XINO, we're paying tribute to some of the company's earliest and most beloved releases, like the seminal Oni Double Feature, while teeing up some big pieces for the future,” series editor Zack Soto said in a statement about the project. “This is big-swing, big-idea science fiction with an edge—the exact kind of thing that made me fall in love with the comics medium in the first place." 

The anthology series will be released in three 40-page issues, with the first featuring contributions from Melissa Flores and Daniel Irizzari, Christopher Condon and Nick Cagnetti, Jordan Thomas and Shaky Kane, and the iconic Phil Hester -- described by the publisher as a “foundational Oni creator” — each offering a glimpse into worlds yet to happen, filled with science beyond the imagination.

Covers for the first issue come from Matt Lesniewski, André Lima Araújo, Malachi Ward & Matt Sheean, and the irrepressible Shaky Kane. A gallery of the covers can be seen below.

"XINO is definitely not an anthology–it's more of a premonition of what's to come," Oni president & publisher, Hunter Gorinson said about the new anthology. "Using an exacting scientific process, we've identified a highly concentrated cast of our celebrated creators from Oni's recent past and imminent future to confront our deepest fears...and then turn them loose to do their worst."

XINO is the second new title unveiled by Oni in as many weeks, coming on the heels of Lamentation, a new horror series by Cullen Bunn and Arjuna Susini. Like Xino, Lamentation is a three-issue miniseries released with longer-than-is-traditional issues: each issue of Lamentation, which launches May 3, runs 48 pages.

Earlier this week, Oni announced that Sierra Hahn had joined the company as its new editor-in-chief, with Michael Torma announced a day later as the company’s new senior sales manager.

XINO #1 (of 3) will launch June 14.

Keep checking Popverse for the latest developments from Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group.

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